Youcubed is a free mathematics teaching website for teachers, parents and students offering an extensive selection of mathematics tasks for all ages. These tasks are designed to make mathematics meaningful and engaging.

Nrich is a free mathematics website created by the University of Cambridge, as part of the Millennium Mathematics Project. Included are math games and tasks to challenge elementary and secondary students to think like a mathematician.

Interactive games and resources for mathematics learning for different subjects, including mathematics.

Sheppards software is a free online resource for various subjects, including mathematics. Parents and teachers can access games, quizzes, and other mathematics activities for elementary students.

3 ACT Math Lessons

3 ACT Math lessons present a different take on problem solving. A mathematics problem is presented in three acts, or phases. Act I serves as the introduction to the problem using a short video or image. As part of Act II, the information needed to solve the problem is provided. The resolution to the problem is revealed in ACT III. All 3 ACT math problems are freely available.


We’re offering to all our students a curated source for videos, practice, and activities. The site is based on the Québec Secondary Math program. Major concepts are broken down and links to online resources are provided for the individual topics making it easy to find exactly what you need. The site will be updated regularly and will eventually feature practice exam questions based on the final exams for students to practice.

CK-12 is a non-profit site that offers resources in Math and many other subjects. Modules include instruction and practice through videos and interactive activities. Although it is based out of the United States, most of what is covered in the Québec curriculum is available though their site. I’m working to develop interactive workbooks called “Flexbooks” that cater towards the Québec education program and they should be available by the end of March

The University of Waterloo offers a comprehensive site for high school Math students. It provides videos and practice questions on most topics covered within the Québec curriculum (although it is aligned with the Ontario curriculum). There are also extra long-answer questions and situational problems available throughout their site.

Known primarily for graphic calculator program, Geogebra also has plenty of interactive activities and exercises covering all topics within Mathematics.

IXL is based out of California (although it does have a Toronto office) and offers support for Math and IXL. It is a paid site that offers skill-building activities but it does allow anyone to practice up to 10 questions for free per day without having to pay.

For many, Khan Academy is the standard-bearer for online education. Even though the videos haven’t changed much throughout the years, Khan Academy continues to regularly add features to their site to help students remain engaged and learning. They offer interactive activities on top of their large repertoire of guided practice.

This website offers an extensive amount of information about Math concepts. The site provides traditional notes and worksheets but there are also units that offer randomly generated word problems.

On this site, you can access videos from different sources as well as interactive activities. Even though the site is based on the American curriculum, the search tool makes it easy to find the topics that you’re looking for.

Although it is only intended for elementary and the first few years of high school, Prodigy is a free tutorial service that keeps students engaged through gamification. There is a paid version available but most of the content on the website is free.