Speech and Language Pathologists

A selection of resources and activities to support your child from our Speech and Langauge Pathology Team

Dear families,

Below you will find a number of resources which have been selected by our dedicated team of Speech and Language Pathologists.

These resources and activities may prove useful in promoting your child’s language and speech development during this time of school closure.

There are many ways that parents can stimulate the development of their children’s language by using objects that are in the home. Examples with playing cards and board games.

While sharing an activity with your child, you can enhance his/her language skills.

Ways to Make Cooking and Baking More Language Rich

A collection of activities for the family.

Some activities that incorporate speech and language into movement and dance.

Some suggestions for fun outdoor activities.

A series of activities to help develop your child's phonological awareness.

Reading stories together can be fun and it is a great way to stimulate any child’s language skills! Here's some suggestions to make reading fun.