Special NEEDS

Resources for Parents

Visual Schedules

These websites have some visual schedules that can be used at home for children with Autism. They include free printables for home and daily routines.

Victories 'n Autism

A Day in Our Shoes

This website has interactive games for children on the autism spectrum, but it they are also suitable for children with a variety of special needs and younger children. The games target areas such as life skills, cognitive flexibility, eye contact, emotion recognition, and pattern recognition.

Math and literacy games from k-grade 3. This format is visually appealing for children on the autism spectrum.

Social Stories

Covid-19 Social Story

Social stories can help children with special needs understand situations that may be confusing, upsetting, or simply outside of their everyday routine. This printable social story can be read daily to help the special needs child understand this situation.

These printable communication boards can allow children with special needs to communicate their needs more effectively and participate in back-and-forth conversations. Students may communicate by pointing to a pictogram. Here are a few communication boards about a variety of topics.


When reading a book with a loved one

When playing a board game

Mindfulness Exercises


This website includes some mindfulness exercises parents can do with their children and provides other useful information to parents.


This website includes articles, exercises, games and videos that inform parents about mindfulness and guides them on how they can implement these exercises at home.


Online stress buster sessions every morning.

Jeopardy Labs

Here are some assorted online Jeopardy games that cover concepts such as numbers, sight words, feelings, safety and hygiene. As a bonus, the format of these games allows students to practice turn taking and number identification. (“I’ll take colors for 300, Alex!”)

Sight Words

Sight Words 2



Cooking With Your Child

Being at home affords your child a great opportunity to practice valuable life skills such as cooking. Here are some printable visual recipes for children with special needs from accessiblechef.com